Captain Pritchard

Heavy set, gorilla of a Sea Captain

He’s the wealthiest citizen of Ego’s Clash, responsible of a sizeable trade route to Freeport

The party met him after being enlisted by Captain Glasgow to sneak into his home, steal his sea charts and shipping manifests in an attempt to muscle him out of the profit he is to earn leaving a month behind their schedule.

Dramatis and Garrick met him in person claiming he was delinquent in paying taxes, while Rumscum and Balinor snuck in the back.

While in his home, Balinor found several locked rooms housing exotic creatures. One of them attacked him upon his entering, literally seeping into his mind. The only remnant of the creature left in the room was a broken dagger. Balinor since then picked up the dagger and brought it with him.

Rumscum thereafter found the charts, manifest and gold, sneaking out the back.

The following game session, they found Captain Pritchard’s men attempting to stop the Kingfisher from leaving port. But the Grimhooks narrowly escaped.

See Session 6 and Session 7 in the adventure log for further details.

Captain Pritchard

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