Balinor - Jon

Drow warlock


He was a “runt” among the Drow. Ridiculed and cast out! Eventually he found solace in the wild, living as an outlander…(more like under-lander amiright?!)


He was small for a drow but among average height to humans. He enjoys berating those ‘lesser’ than him because of how his upper class treated him.

He found devotion with a god, to gain power and fame. In an attempt to return to drow society with vengeance.

He signed on as a Merc to see the world and gain knowledge that could elevate his power. He enjoys matching his power to others in an attempt to prove himself better.

Seeking to achieve greater and repay all the kindness he endured he turned to devotion of “The Great Old One”. Granting him warlock power….Now consumed by the ecstasy of power, he seeks more power to one day be considered their equal.

Balinor - Jon

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