The Grimhooks are a violent and secretive pirate gang centered in the town of Ego’s Clash where they operated a hidden distillery.

With much lower membership numbers, and at war with the Sea Devils, the Grimhooks have been forced to maintain a low profile. That was until the Party slaughtered the majority of the Sea Devils within the city.

Since then, the party has struck up an accord with the Grimhooks, taking back their city, while working up a trade route to move supplies to the city of Freeport.

Notable NPC’s
Captain Glasgow – Human merchant and sea captain
Daver Black – Hideously-disfigured and jovially-violent orc
Birch Crowley and Wormplume – A gnomish mage / beast trainer, and his pet cockatrice
Graves Voss – ghost eyed, first mate
Arrk – frogman / footpad
Freya – bard and spokesperson in trade for Glasgow


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