Garrick - Cassidy

Human fighter


Soldier – Officer in the Military
He’s athletic, humorous, driven and perhaps a little too sympathetic. His concern for the well-being of his friends and family can sometimes boarder on fanatical. Usually one to talk first, Garrick will not hesitate to spring into action.


He was born to a decent family in a port-town to the north. He lived in peace until he was about 12 years old, but at that point things began to change due to increasing hostilities in the area.

When he was old enough, he joined the army. He improved upon his existing skills and gained a little fame due to his unusual fighting style. This eventually lead to his promotion to an Officer. With plenty of money and connections, he managed to bloom in his position. He quickly become a friend you’d want by your side.

But fortunes change just as quickly. His side was the losing side. With his army disbanded and his men scattered, he escaped by the skin of his teeth. Luckily he was able to smuggle his mother and younger sister out with him.

He feels like there’s more to discover in this world, and with the support of his family nothing can stand in his way.

Garrick - Cassidy

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