Pirates of the Eldritch Sea - DnD 5e

A Dwarven Blood Pact and Expedited Exit To Sea
Session 7

With the promise to bring the cargo to the docks, the party left the Grimhook distillery and made their way towards Norvin and Lacie.

While following the back roads, the group was ambushed by several dwarves of the Flynt Clan laying in wait upon the rooftop. One particularly powerful blow by Birel leveled half a rooftop.

As the party attempted to intimidate the dwarves into surrendering. One of the dwarves came to admit that no peace could be found after the malicious death of their kin.

In the end there were two survivors, and a third dwarf whom Balinor felt compelled to slit his throat. Unable to pursue, the group left them behind.

By this time they heard several horns blow at the dockyard, and came to find everyone locked in combat as they loaded the Grimhook ship the Kingfisher and attempted to hold off a militia set on stopping them.

Overwhelmed the group was driven aboard the ship, narrowly avoiding death from the horde.

Sea Charts, Shipping Manifests, and the Murderous Managerie
Session 6: Recap

Before leaving Ego’s Clash, Captain Glasgow (of the Grimhooks) has tasked the party with retrieving their rivals (Captain Pritchard) Sea Charts and Shipping Manifests in an attempt to make their voyage more profitable.

Garrick and Dramatis set a distraction at the front door of their manor while Rumscum and Balinor snuck in the back.

Along the way Balinor found several room in the east wing of the manor containing several cells of exotic and murderous creatures. While psychically attempting to communicate with one, a dark, shadowed creature took up residence in his mind. He’s picked up a broken dagger from the room the creature was locked inside.

Lastly Rumscum found the charts and manifests. While things degraded at the front door. Ending in calling the town guard, and the PC’s driving the horses out of their stable as a final distraction.

The Story So Far

The game began with the party double-booked for a job to visit a tomb hidden beneath the Creeping Seeker, a tavern on the small island of Scumport

The party was hired by Airor Primrose, an aristocratic dandy to escort his nephew Norvin Primrose into the tomb, and ensure he survives, bringing back the treasure with him.

Within the tomb they discovered the Journal of an old dead explorer by the name of Reginald Thornbough. Reginald’s daughter Lacie Thornbough had paid the dragonborn rogue, Dramatis, to recover the journal.

After retrieving and escaping the tomb, the group entered out into the tavern to find a battle underway between two warring gangs. The Sea Devils and Grimhooks.

The party escaped, but not before killing a noteworthy dwarf by the name of Marshall Flynt

Chased off the island they rowed their boat the two miles to the mainland, the town of Ego’s Clash. A persuing army of 15 Sea Devils were warded off.

That evening the city watch raise a pint in honor of the guild that warded off the Sea Devils. The same evening a murder occurred in the inn, where a messenger was murdered in his sleep. His eyes gouged out. The messenger carried a description of the players and a banknote for passage.

The following day the party finds a large ogre and hooded rogue searching the town for them. The party then followed them to their base of operation, and found a small army of Sea Devils amassing. A brutal clash ended with all Sea Devils (except the ogre) dead.

The wounded ogre, Bigby, followed Balinor (the Drow warlock) lead and joined the group looking for good food, good pay, and to keep his own life.

Since then the group has contacted their guild leader, Kuvrir Stonewind and received the task of leaving to the town of Freeport, to put the finding’s of Reginalds journal, to good use.

As a cover they’ve gone into the import export business. Lacie has joined the group, moving mercantile items and dyes, while the party has put their reputation in with the Grimhooks, taking their rum trade out of Ego’s Clash to Freeport.

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